Grievance Redressal

User may contact Kedarpay with any enquiry, complaints or concerns with regards to policy, terms and content of this website or by communicating in writing to the Grievance Officer at the details mentioned below:

Grievance Officer

Mr. Dheeraj Kumar

Kedarpay Solutions Private Limited

SCO-32, 3rd Floor, Sector-12A, Gurugram,

Gurugram, Haryana, India, 122001
Phone No.  8295399907

All users are treated fairly; all complaints, requests and issues raised by users are dealt with courtesy and resolved on time. Users are made completely aware of their rights so that they can opt for alternative remedies if they are not fully satisfied with our response or resolution to their complaint.

Duration of Resolution : Kedarpay’s internal resolution time is 8 working days excluding the time taken by the user to provide required information/documentation. In case transaction is linked to other bank then the Resolution Time will be dependent on the respective banks /network providers/regulator.

In any special circum stances, if any case needed additional time, Kedarpay will inform the User the reasons for the delay and provide expected timelines for resolution of the issue.

If the complaints are not fully satisfied with our response or resolution to their complaint, complainants are needed to request Grievance officer to reopen the complaint. Grievance officer shall address request and provide resolution as soon as possible.